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Charcuterie Board

- Ottercreek Woodworks or Kintore Custom Hardwoods

Serve up your favourite local treats- whether its cheese, meats, chocolate or whatever

tickles your fancy with style and think of Oxford every time you do. These sustainbly

harvested live-edge charcuterie boards make for great statement pieces.

Native Plants

- Wildlife Gardening

The folks at Wildlife Gardening are committed to sustainability and creating a happier,

healthier eco system. Stop in and pick up a native plant or two to bring home!

They'll help you nd the perfect pick for your needs.

Bird Seeds

- Ralph Moore & Sons

Think of Oxford each time a bird comes to your feed when you spread seed from

Ralph Moore & Sons. Established duringWWII, Ralph Moore and Sons has

continued ever since to provide quality bird seeds.

Beeswax Products

- Oxford Honey

From honey created right on site to beeswax face creams, hand creams and candles

there is de nitely something sweet to remember your trip by! Pop in and try it all!